Lets get to know each other!

Hi! My name is Estelle, I am 26. I live in Barcelona, and I have decided to go Freelance as an Influencer Marketing Project Manager.

Meeting people, getting people to connect, that is what I love doing and what keeps my adrenaline up : I feel a constant urge to relate to the world and to discover more of it every day.

I have already moved 14 times in my life…I think that so many relocations, plus all the trips I have been on,  have forged my personality as a flexible, openminded and curious person.

At ease with writing and speaking in public,  I love turning words into stories and helping other people tell their own story.

The love of writing has helped me achieve a unique academic education : I started studying Literature, then achieved a Bachelor diploma in Political Sciences and finally a Master in Communication.

I have chosen to devote myself to writing, and to help people connect thanks to interesting, useful and human content.

I started my lifestyle blog Chroniques d’une Frenchie in november 2013.

At that time, it was a hobby I chose in order to share my main interests and to connect with people I could have common interests with.

Thanks to my blog, I was able to discover a lot of interesting topics: photography, copywriting, managing collaborations with brands, community management…

The importance of blogosphere in the development of new brands became clear to me.

Being myself contacted by different brands to create content with them through collaborations, I realised all the benefits that influencers and bloggers could bring to a brand, to create powerful communication campaigns.

Thanks to this expertise, I started my career as a Communication and SEO Officer at Popcarte.com

From blogging to influence marketing

Influence Marketing : a new world full of opportunities

Being a blogger myself, as well as an Influence Marketing and SEO Expert for 2 years, I learned all about the great opportunities that a good and unique content communicated by blogs/influencers could represent for a brand.

My ambition is to help small brands boost their visibility thanks to collaborations with influencers, in the most respectful and human terms for both the brand and the influencer.

The key to a successful collaboration and good content writing is to create a great relationship between the brand and the blogger.

I do believe that the futur for the development of a brand is to rely on Influence Marketing, don’t you?

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