How to boost your business on Instagram?

Doing marketing on Instagram is possible, and recommendable! Instagram is like the new catalog of products where people spend 60% of their day.   

Between the sponsored posts of influencers, paid by the brands, the product photos, the Shopping tab, the sponsored stories: it’s easy for the consumer to go from Instagram to shopping. 

Whatever your business, find out how to boost your Instagram marketing with a few tips.

Instagram Marketing

Optimise your Instagram Profile

Switch to Business mode if you are a brand or a professional service. Write a bio that has impact, and choose a profile picture that fits you. Create a feed in accordance with your editorial and graphic line. Create interactive content with your audience, and that matches them.

If your account is already a few years old but stagnates in terms of reach, I can help you increase it quickly and sustainably, thanks to a better use of hashtags, a modern content strategy adapted to the competition and your target, and collaborations to generate brand awareness. 

Need help with your Instagram strategy? As an expert in social media strategy and management, I can help you create an Instagram feed and a content strategy that suits you.


I want to create my Instagram Strategy

THE trend to sell on Instagram? Create Instagram collaborations with influencers.  

Sponsored post, sponsored stories, giveaways, special operations: think about influencers to promote your products and campaigns at anytime. 

So that your Influence Marketing has impact, the influencers you choose must look like your clientele, and embody the values of your brand. The collaboration brief must be crystal-clear and stick to your needs and the influencers’, so that you create an attractive and authentic sponsored publication. 

Finding influencers and imagining collaborations on Instagram is difficult for you? 

I create Instagram collaborations

Do marketing with influencers