Collaboration Management

Thinking of creating a powerful Communication Campaign?

Even though you probably understand how things work with Influencers, and how they can help you boost your business, you might not have enough time to contact them.

I can help you with Consultancy services, and I can also take care of the whole collaboration and influencer campaign for you!

“My philosophy is to always create a win/win collaboration and establish a trustworthy relationship between the Brand and the Blogger”.

This is what you get in the “Influencer Campaign Managing Pack”:

-research of Influencers that can help you achieve your goals

-two lists of Influencers (main list and a secondary list)

-definition of the counterparts sent to the bloggers, and the duration of the communication campaign

-contact of the influencers

-negotiations with them

-follow-up of the collaborations until they are published.

Together, let’s define your goals in order to create collaborations that match your values, and bring you brand awareness, sales and followers!