Consultancy in Influencer Marketing

What’s an influencer?

If you clicked here, you are curious about what I can bring to your company with Influencer marketing services. It may be though that you are not familiar with this marketing strategy, and that you need some definition of the influencer word. If you already know that, I invite you to skip the next paragraph, if not, continue reading!

Definition of an influencer: an influencer is a social media personality, that has a community of followers and a trust-worthy relationship with them. She or Hime shares lifestyle moments, as well as shopping deals, tips to travel, beauty tips, or lifestyle hacks. An influencer can be specialised in one field (beauty, fashion, travel, etc.) or b considered “lifestyle” and hence speak of larger topics. More and more brands deal with influencers to promote their products and brand, with the decline of the traditional commercials, and the rise of social media in the consumption uses.

Need some advice for your Influencer marketing strategy?

Strong of 6 years experience in blogging, and 2 years as the head of influencer collaborations for a brand, I offer you my services as a consultant in influencer marketing.

As a young brand or a brand starting its own collaborations strategy, it can be hard to know how to collaborate with and how.

Being creative and unique on social media is the key for a successful collaboration. But you still need to be inspired!

My services as a consultant in influencer marketing include:

  • contact by phone to define together your needs
  • competitive intelligence and monitoring of your precedents
  • creation of a personalized Influence Marketing strategic consulting brief
  • Q&A session

Working with me for your influence marketing will give you all the keys to successful influencer partnerships.