Netlinking & SEO writing

Do you want to improve your on-site and off-site referencing?

SEO can be a complex and time-consuming marketing tool. Improving your referencing and visibility on the Web can be difficult on the long run, especially when have a business to manage.

There are two main levers in SEO:

  • The on-site SEO is related to the structure of your website (internal networking, markup of the website’s pages), the quality of the content (content writing, images, keywords, links..) and the user friendly ratio UX/UI (the speed of pages loading, the ease of navigation)
  • The off-site SEO which is all about the contents that are created outside of your website, such as external websites quoting yours, and giving links to your website and off course the customer’s reviews on plateforms such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot.

This is what you get when you choose to work with me on a complete and long term SEO optimization :

  • SEO content writing in order to optimize or to create Sales pages for your website: “About” or Homepage.
  • SEO content writing for your Blog: Semantic cluster creation, as well as research of keywords and 4 articles minimum a month
  • A netlinking campaign with high quality Blogs and Websites, that match to your web’s theme, and that already have interesting referring domains, and a minimum of 10 points of Trust Flow.

Together, let’s create an SEO & Netlinking strategy that will boost your referencing and that matches your style!