Social Media Strategy

Need help to build a consistent social media strategy?

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin..with such a large range of platforms  which have a different reach and different challenges, it can be pretty tricky to choose the right one.

That is the reason why I offer a complete pack of Social Media Training and/or building a social media strategy.

“Would you like to revamp your Instagram account, and to increase the traffic of your Pinterest account? I can help you create the best social media strategy!”

This is what you get if you choose the “social media strategy Pack”:

  • A training about how to manage social media : Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook
  • A Hootsuite training : it can be either in Barcelona or remote
  • Creation of a social media strategy for the platform(s) you will choose, either in Barcelona or remote
  • An editing planning for your social media
  • The creation of a patent-free image bank for Pinterest and Instagram

Together, let’s create the most personalized social media strategy in order to boost you business online.