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What is Influence Marketing and how to use it (FR)

This is what I explain to the readers and clients of Christine, founder of a marketing agency, in a blog post.

Definition of influence marketing, advantages, framework for action: I paint a global picture of this new way of communicating and even demonstrate its usefulness for B2B!

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2020, a challenging year for influence marketing? (FR)

With the many changes linked to Instagram’s algorithm (hiding likes, encouraging advertising, removing the “activity of your following accounts” tab) or triggered by brands or influencers (rise of nano-influencers, body positivism), 2020 promises to be a year rich in changes for influence marketing.

I decipher these new challenges in a forum addressed to brands and influencers!

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Les Gens d'Internet

Les Gens d'Internet wants to make Influence Marketing affordable for all (FR)

Implementing an influence marketing campaign can quickly become a headache for companies that are not familiar with it. What budget to invest?  How to choose the influencers to work with? To help small businesses and freelancers like me in the areas of influencer research, Instagram account analysis and campaign management, I created an Instagram analysis tool with my partner.

Discover my free Instagram account analysis and influencer campaign creation tool!

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