My services in Influencer Marketing

As an entrepreneur, freelance, brand, you don’t have the time to look at influencer collaborations? Discover my services that will help you boost your marketing strategy.

What’s digital marketing?

Influencer marketing is a lever of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the field of activities that brings together all the marketing techniques for acquiring and retaining your customers used on digital channels: SEO (organic search), SEA (paid search), CRM & emailing (customer loyalty with emails and newsletters)…

Digital marketing is an “online” extension of the traditional marketing, with an adaptation to the newest trends generated by the Internet.

Influencer marketing, that uses social media and the opinion leaders born on those platforms called “influencers”, is one of the newest marketing lever existing to communicate online and sell.  

Besides Influencer marketing, I offer you my services as a freelance expert in marketing and communication, that you may discover below:

Consulting in Influencer Marketing

As a blogger myself and a brand collaborations manager, I offer you consulting to give you all the keys to succeed your next collaborations.

Personalised tips for your next collaborations, collaboration ideas, influencer profiles to contact, tips to negotiate with them… YOU ask me what would help you the most to boost your Influencer Strategy!  

I discover

Because setting up an influence marketing campaign takes time, I offer you a complete service for managing collaborations and influence campaigns.

From the search for influencers to contacts, negotiation and follow-up of the collaboration, I am here to help you to realize influential campaigns that boost your business.

I discover

Management of your Influencer collaborations

Netlinking & SEO copywriting

Because building your online reputation also means taming Google with optimized and well referenced content, and external signs that your site is of quality, I offer my services in netlinking and SEO writing.

In netlinking, I help you improve your Trust Flow or Domain Authority with sponsored articles, published on premium blogs and media, to help you leave a mark of trust on the web and increase your traffic sources.

For on-site SEO, I offer you to build or optimize your website with optimized and user-friendly SEO writing. 


I discover

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin: what strategy adopt on each social media? Which content to post?

Because it may be difficult to understand the differences between those platforms, and having the time to look at them, I offer you a turnkey service of training and/or social network strategy. 

Together, let’s focus on your needs to create a winning, impactful and humane social media strategy.

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Social media strategy

Paid acquisition

You’d like to manage paid acquisition campaigns or set up an SEO strategy? 

I strongly recommend you Constantin Aubrée, founder and CEO of Emperor Digital with whom I had the pleasure to work.

Determined, rigorous and patient, Constantin will know how to meet your needs for paid search engine optimization to boost your acquisition.